Fengya Velcro Application Fields

February 23, 2022

Fengya Velcro Application Fields

Computer Appliances | Mobile Phones | Cable Supplies Industry Fields


Fengya Velcro tape products are available in various lengths, strengths and colors, and are suitable for data cable arrangement, harness management of various electrical appliances, fiber optics, etc. We can also provide further processed products, such as printed patterns, fireproof and waterproof products, which can meet stringent safety regulations.


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Pets | Animals | Household Products Industry Fields

Fengya Velcro straps, Velcro straps products create a reusable packaging material for customers, which can not only help customers ensure workplace safety, but also reduce costs and waste. We offer our customers a wide range of strapping solutions for bags and cartons, allowing them to store and transport easily. Moreover, the special Velcro in fengya Velcro meets the special requirements of customers for material strength, and can provide you with re-arrangement and unpacking of large boxes.


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Medical | Nursing | ICU Industry Fields

From disposable products such as hospital gowns to reusable devices such as respirator masks, Fengya Velcro products are widely used in medical equipment and patient configuration solutions. And in close cooperation with domestic and foreign medical equipment companies, we always provide customers with advanced fastening materials, deep processing products and finished products based on customers' specific needs!


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Clothes|Luggage|Shoes Industry

When looking to optimize style and function for fashion and footwear brands, Fengya Woven Velcro provides you with new solutions designed to meet cutting-edge designs and improve finished product performance. Fengya Weaving provides solutions that not only enhance the end-consumer experience but also provide a real competitive advantage. Whether you are looking for a custom color or suitable for different climates, Fengya Velcro product technology can provide you with a good product.


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Outdoor | Sports | Sporting Goods Industry Field

When you are looking for the best combination of fashion and performance in outdoor and sports, fengya Velcro, back-to-back Velcro products will be your best choice. We provide customers with unparalleled Velcro solutions in outdoor sports, sports, etc., so that your marketing, design, and production teams can obtain the flexibility they need when designing, and can deliver innovative products and control costs. Always stay ahead of the competition. !

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